How Hackers Are Capitalizing on Direct Deposit Accounts

Please be aware that there is a very lucrative hack that hackers are doing to try and get direct deposit funds.

  • The hackers may be pretending to be from human resources from the employee’s place of employment to try to get them to change where their direct deposit checks go.

  • The hackers will attempt to obtain an employee's login credentials in order to access a payroll account and change bank information, according to the FBI.

  • This is done by sending the employee a link that looks like it is from the company HR department, to get employees to update their credentials.

  • Please notify employees that they need to make sure emails that are sent to them are by a legitimate HR representative from your company, most of these hacks come from an unidentified email account, so ask employees to hover over the email address to make sure it is not an unidentified email and is an actual email from a legitimate company email.

  •  The FBI says once they are successful, employees’ checks will be deposited to an account that hackers’ control, which is often a prepaid card.

Additional information can be found here.

We have created email alerts that notify us and the employee of any changes made to their direct deposit. All changes are manually approved by a member of our payroll team. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.