Why Use a PEO?

There are several reasons using a PEO might make logical, and financial sense.

To begin, let me pose the question- how many of you when starting your own business, did so with the intention of focusing on employee payroll, HR paperwork, workers’ comp and ever-changing government compliance?

I’m guessing the answer is: none of you.

Whether you intended to do those things or not, the responsibilities of handling employees’ payroll, HR Policies, on-boarding, accounting, tax compliance etc., all fall on you as you grow, and maintain your business.

The single greatest benefit of working with a PEO is that we take those responsibilities off your hands, and allow you to focus on the reason you got in business in the first place.

PEOs go beyond payroll and benefits, PEO’s share in the liability of your business in terms of government regulations, tax compliance, and HR Best Practices. We reduce your risk by partnering with your business and proactively using proper compliance protocols, taking the lead on audits, and legal matters.

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PEOs offer a collective group of expertise. This is a drastic change from tasking a few internal employees to become masters of their domain in all areas: payroll, HR, benefits, employee taxation. We have a group of experienced team members who understand the nuances of each department, and can address concerns as they happen.

PEO’s also offer a more extensive benefits package then a small to medium sized business could afford to offer on their own. Dental, Vision, Supplemental Life and 401k plans are offered at a collective rate, making them less expensive for the employee. We work closely with trusted benefits brokers and companies to ensure your Workers’ Comp and Health insurance plans are designed in the best interest of our clients and their employees.

Finally, PEOs through the list of benefits mentioned can help attract, and retain great employees for your company. Salary is seldom your employees’ only priority. They want a company who values them, offers a great benefits package, and helps them grow individually. By allowing Ataraxis to work with your business, you enable your employees to receive a greater compensation package, and resources then you could offer on your own. You’ll free-up time, and resources to better develop your staff, help them plan for retirement, and provide a trained professional who can answer complex questions as they arise.

Your company’s goals become our goals as we work together to improve the employees work experience, and dedication to your company. 

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